Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

In order to meet gradation requirements, students must earn the needed credits to satisfy each subject area. White County High School operates on a block schedule, which means students take 4 classes each semester, giving them the opportunity to earn 8 credits per year. Typically, students will take 2 core academic classes and 2 elective classes per semester.

Students and parents should note that while world language is not a requirement for graduation, students planning to attend a University System of Georgia college/university must complete two years of the same foreign language to be admissible as a freshman. Click here for more information about University System of Georgia Freshman Admission Requirements.

Graduation Check-Off Sheet

This sheet outlines the graduation requirements set by the State of Georgia and can be used as a guideline to see how students are progressing towards graduation at White County High School.

Students, if you have any questions about credits or how a certain class meets graduation requirements, you should see your counselor.

Promotion Requirements

Promotion requirements are the number of credits or units required to move to the next grade level. Students in grade nine through twelve are promoted under the guidelines as follows:

To 10th Grade: 4 Units, 3 of which must be from the core curriculum areas which are defined as mathematics, English, science, social studies, and foreign languages.

To 11th Grade: 12 Units

To 12th Grade: 20 Units

Click here more information regarding White County Board of Education Promotion and retention policy.