Career Technical Instruction

Career Technical Instruction Program Overview

The CTI program is a specialized intervention service designed to support high school students with disabilities that are enrolled in CTAE career pathway courses.The primary goals of the program are to provide appropriate learning supports in the CTAE environment, instruction, and opportunities that will result in the attainment of entry level job skills, self-determination skills, and transition skills at the completion of their career, technical and agricultural experience.CTI services are provided by CTI Coordinators in CTAE classroom and lab environments. Services may be consultative, collaborative, or co-teaching.

Career Technical Instruction Program Courses

Career Technical Instruction I

Provides a year-long intervention program for students with disabilities enrolled in vocational programs; provides vocational assessment, counseling and guidance, support services and curriculum adjustment, a system to foster positive self-image, an individualized educational program (IE), a career ladder and transitional services from school to work or post-secondary training. Stresses transitional services needed for job placement and/or continued education.

Career Technical Instruction II

Enhances level-one competencies; provides more in-depth study of the vocational program and continues individualized support assistance and transitional services.

Career Technical Instruction III

Enhances level-two competencies; intensifies study in vocational laboratory programs and emphasizes developing skills to complete a transitional plan for successful employment and/or continued education. Work Based Learning and on-the-job training opportunities are available for students enrolled in this course.

Career Technical Instruction IV

Enhances level-three competencies, emphasizes direct contact with potential employers and job sites. These work settings may be provided by the Coordinator and/or Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. After researching careers and occupations, it introduces job readiness, visits to businesses and industries appropriate for special populations, and tours of postsecondary vocational programs for students that are eligible. The final support and transition service provided by the CTI programs in full-time employment.

Career Technical Student Organization

To learn about opportunities through the CTI Pathway, click to visit Georgia CTI.