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Parents click here to pay for lunchroom meals.

Parents click here to apply for free and reduced lunch prices.

The cafeteria is operated without profit for the benefit of students. Students are expected to assist in keeping the cafeteria clean; therefore, they are responsible for cleaning up their own plates and spillage. Tables and floors must be kept presentable by students.

Students may pay for their meals by the day; however, they are encouraged to prepay for meals by the week or the month so the line will move faster. Upon receiving lunch, the students will punch in their assigned numbers at the keyboard and press enter. Charging will not be permitted.

During the lunch period students must stay in the lunchroom, or commons area. No student may leave the campus to eat lunch at another location or bring food or drink on campus for lunch from another commercial location. No food or drink can be brought into classrooms except for specific activities which are approved by the faculty member in charge of the class.


Lunch Price: $2.15

($.40 for reduced price)

Breakfast Price: Free

WCSS Employees

Breakfast $1.50

Lunch $3.25

Menu may change due to availability.

WCHS Menu September 2018.pdf
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