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Code of Ethics

Warrior Audio/Video/Film Department

WTVN-Warrior TV / WSPR-The Spear / The Voice / Warrior Films

Code of Ethics

* I will meet or exceed my grade level in my academic classes at all
times in order to participate in club events

* If I receive ISS or OSS my involvement in the club
 will go under review.

* I will be on time to class and I will not have excessive absences.

* I will represent the organization and my school in a way that
makes the community proud of the program and school.

* I understand that if I am absent from school for an entire day
or part of the day, without a valid excuse, then I cannot participate
in an event unless the instructor gives permission to do so.
(WTVN/The Spear only)

* I understand that in this organization I may handle confidential
information from time to time regarding upcoming events. 
agree to keep this information private until it can be released
 to the general public.