White County High School

White County High School is located in Cleveland Georgia, the Gateway to the North Georgia Mountains. Known as the “Heartbeat of White County”, WCHS is proud of the many student accomplishments. White County High School students have gone on to become successful citizens across this great country. The home of Xavier Roberts and the birthplace of The Cabbage Patch Kids and Babyland General Hospital, White County boasts a beautiful setting for a world-class education.

White County High School is a 10-12 grades comprehensive high school with about 850 students. WCHS is proud of our feeder school known as the Ninth Grade Academy (NGA). Located a few miles apart, the schools are interconnected in the areas of academics, arts, athletics, CTAE and student life.

Rigor, Relevance and Relationships is our mantra and we LIVE IT!

Rigor - We are proud of our students, as they have answered the call for increased rigor. Moving from two Advanced Placement (AP) courses and 24 tests in 2011 to ten courses and 284 tests in 2012, WCHS students will compete for college admission.      

Relevance – White County High School boasts phenomenal success through our Career Technical and Agriculture Education (CTAE) programs. Validated by numerous state and national awards, this “hands on” program compliments our challenging academic core. Numerous students participate and score very high on the Georgia Work ready Assessment.

Relationships – Teachers as Advisors and Extended Learning Opportunities at the end of each day have been an integral part of our relationship building process at WCHS. However, prior to the development of these programs, one strength of our school has been the caring and compassionate faculty and staff. Our teachers CARE about students. They know their students and they do an excellent job holding students accountable, while caring about their individual needs.

Our Board of Education has been amazing in support of our school. They have MADE ways to fund increased rigor. They have supported our technology initiative, which is among the strongest in this state. Our campus is completely wireless. IPads are being introduced as a regular part of our classrooms. State of the art cameras make our school safe and provide for efficiency in the day-to-day operation of our school. Our student led TV broadcast studio (WTVN) is among the best in the country. Our physical facilities are outstanding. Our arts and athletics are not only supported, but appreciated and thrive.

If it sounds like we are proud of our school, our community and our BOE then we have communicated effectively. White County High School is an awesome high school. The “Heartbeat of White County” and we like to think of White County as the “Heartbeat of the Hills”. Whether you are just passing through or looking to move to our area, we believe that the closer you look, the better we look. Go WARRIORS!